We invite you to the 6th International Conference “Radio waves are NOT visible. What we do to make them transparent – norms and regulations.”, which will take place on 1st and 2nd December 2021!

This year, the Conference will be entirely online 😊

The Conference is held every year and is organized by the National Institute of Telecommunications in cooperation with the Chancellery of the Prime Minister od Republic of Poland.

The Conference is popular science and is directed to the scientific community, but also to people interested in the subject of electromagnetic fields (EMF) and 5G networks. Thanks to the very good reception of the online Conference last year, we also moved the conference to the Internet this time, thanks to which it has a global character.

This year, during the 6th International EMF Conference, we will focus on what to do to make what is invisible to us fully understandable. In a popular science, our speakers will talk about electromagnetic fields and the methods of setting standards and complying with them. We will also focus on scientific reports on the impact of electromagnetic fields on the environment and human health. We will also look at the mechanisms of fake news and how to combat disinformation that has arisen around the 5G network.

The speakers will be scientists, journalists, EMF specialists from Poland, Great Britain, Serbia, Norway, France, Australia and representatives of WHO and ITU. Their presentations will concern research on EMFs that are carried out in their countries, measurements of electromagnetic fields in the environment (they will tell about measurement campaigns, about applicable standards and regulations) as well as how their fight against disinformation looks like.

Each of the thematic blocks will be followed by a debate in which we will connect live with each of the Speakers, and the first 200 people registered for the event will be able to ask questions!

We cordially invite you to register! We are already starting on Wednesday, December 1, 2021 at 9! 😊